Q What are Splash Cool® and Watersall®?
A Splash Cool® and Watersall® are pharmaceutical-grade purified water atomizers in an aerosol application for instant hydration and refreshment.
Q Should I spray it on my face even if I already have on makeup?
A Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it as a way to set makeup. Makeup artists, models, and actors have known for years the benefit to setting makeup using this simple technique. The nozzle, imported from Europe, has the unique ability to break up the water droplets into an ultra-fine mist which sets makeup without disturbing eye makeup, including mascara.
Q Why couldnít I just use tap water and spray it from a pump?
A You could, but the water would not be purified or sterilized. Even if you put purified water in a pump spray, once you have depressed the pump, outside air then contaminates the water before it reaches your skin. In contrast, our aerosol container is hermetically sealed, disallowing entry of outside contaminants.
Q Are these products safe for my sensitive skin type?
A Yes. Splash Cool® and Watersall® are safe for all skin types and all ages. The ingredients are purified water and medical-grade nitrogen. Thatís all.
Q Besides using this Splash Cool® and Watersall® to instantly hydrate and refresh, what are other uses?
A These products are so universal, the uses are limited only by your imagination. Splash Cool® and Watersall™ are perfect for traveling, sports, cleansing, makeup application and more.
Q Can these products be refrigerated?
A Yes! Refrigeration (not the freezer) makes the mist especially refreshing.



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