"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for making such an amazing product! It’s been a god send. I had all of my moles removed from my face and neck, then started Vibraderm treatments, IPL Laser & photo Genises to give myself a pick me up. This Watersall has been such an amazing help to the redness and heat caused by the treatments, I think of you every time I spritz my face...whew instant relief..." 


"Thank you so much for the bottles of Watersall!  I am writing you because we are in love with your product. I am back at school and I am taking a communications course which requires me to make a product/sales presentation and I have chosen to pitch Watersall. I have been all over your Website and have found the answers to many of my questions.  I have been misting all over campus and all of my friends want to too!" -Mallory  



"I love this product. Thanks for bringing it out. I found it at Parisian... I used to use a similar Evian product, but was no longer able to find it. I was so happy to find your product. My air conditioning quit this summer--we are in the midst of a horrendous heat wave. Splash Cool has saved my life." -Nora


"I had the good fortune of seeing one of your great brochures and loved your products.  I am taking a group of 33 on a Carnival Cruise in February and making goody baskets for each of them… I think your pure water would be perfect for a cruise." -Drucilla



" I am sure you are experiencing the same heat wave in southern Georgia that we are here in NC – perhaps more so.  We have 4 men working for us who unfortunately have to be outside a good part of the day.  Although they are very conscious about keeping hydrated and even have spray bottles, I still worry about them.  I sprayed each of them with your product the other day and they loved it! I don’t know if it is the fine misting or what it is about the Splash Cool but it is much more refreshing then just a plain water bottle.  EVERY woman I have showed it to has wanted one!." -Beth


"Our business is a small boutique in Northern Florida. We specialize in fashion jewelry and handbags but like to add little extras for our customers. We carry Splash Cool and have had great response. Our ladies use it for a variety of purposes, from setting their makeup to just cooling off. The most interesting thing is that many of our customers are "baseball moms". They spend a lot of time at the ball fields. Many were throwing their Splash Cool in the cooler with them to cool off. Well the little ball players discovered the Splash Cool in the cooler and now there is a can inside the dugout in the players' cooler. Funny how things catch on!!" -Amber



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